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Welcome to Y2Mate. This innovative platform allows you to convert YouTube videos into MP3 or MP4 format. Y2Mate is a convenient way to access your favorite content anywhere and anytime. Y2Mate's user-friendly interface and fast download speeds make it the ideal solution for your audio and video downloading needs.

Do you want to easily download videos from YouTube or convert videos to mp3 files? You can use Y2Mate. This is the best downloader and converter among others to save videos or audio from YouTube. It's easy to use, you can download unlimited videos, and there are many other benefits you can get from this downloader.

About Y2Mate

Y2Mate is a tool or website that provides download services for videos that you find on YouTube. If you find interesting videos on YouTube, save them easily using this website. When you use this tool, the video you download will be saved to your gadget's storage.

Then you can access the video offline easily without using internet access if it has been successfully saved. Not only can you download videos from YouTube quickly and easily, but this website also provides YouTube to Mp3 Converter services. With its functionality, this website has been used by many people.

If you want to save your favorite songs that you find on the YouTube platform, try to save them on your phone. The instructions for using this website are also very easy. All you have to do is paste the URL and download. Many people consider this website because YouTube does not provide enough access to the needs of its users.

YouTube does provide download access and you can watch downloaded videos offline. However, the videos you download through the YouTube platform are not stored on the device.

Meanwhile, if you download a video using a downloader, you can play the video already stored on the device. As we are all aware many websites provide this kind of download access, but Y2Mate is one of the good choices. Because this downloader provides many benefits to its users.

This website uses advanced technology to extract YouTube media sources and convert them into a file format that you can download. This downloader provides a simple process so that you can use it easily including for those of you who are using it for the first time.

It's not just the process that makes it easy, you can be helped by its simple appearance. Every menu or button is visible and there are not many ornaments on the website page. If you need certain information, you can come to the FAQ page and search for what you need.

This downloader also provides customer service, you can access the Contact page and then contact the email listed on the page. If you encounter any errors or bugs, try to access the customer service. This website presents some trending songs as well for your reference. To find out more about this downloader, please read below.

Various Downloading Options On Y2Mate For You To Choose From

As a multi-functional website, Y2Mate allows you to use multiple download services. You can choose the download details that suit your needs, as we know, the reasons for using a downloader can vary. Many use this service to create content, complete media collections, as a reference, and for other reasons.

When you use this platform, you can pick from these service choices:

- Video Format

To get the download you want, pick from different video formats offered by this downloader. MP4 is a famous format that you can choose if you prefer MP4 format.

Choose the video format that you need or is compatible with your application, or gadget. This Y2Mate downloader can provide flexibility to get a variety of media including a variety range of video formats. Whatever video you want to download from YouTube, you can rely on this downloader to get it.

- Video Quality

What is one of the considerations in getting videos from the internet? Maybe the quality of the video is one important aspect because everyone's video usage needs are different. There are times when you need to have a high-quality video for professional purposes.

But if it's just for a small need, then a standard-quality video can be an option. Y2Mate is a downloader that provides complete video quality, be it SD, HD, or even higher quality, this downloader provides it for you.

Choose the video quality you need most and the higher the video quality, the more memory you will need. If you have limited storage on your device, consider standard quality. Depending on the video you take from YouTube, the formats to choose from range from 144p to 2160p.

Take a look at this detailed comparison example of one of the videos taken from YouTube:






381.99 MB



200.76 MB



118.68 MB



40.36 MB



29.12 MB



19.22 MB



10.3 MB



6.68 MB

You also need to prepare a device that is sufficient to play videos in super quality, such as 1440p or even 2160p. Otherwise, you may encounter lagging when playing videos. We recommend 480p or 720p. For 2160p quality, your phone memory might be quite burdened especially if you download a lot of video files with such high-quality output.

- Audio options are also available

Many people think that this downloader can only be used to grab videos from YouTube. The video you get from YouTube can also be converted to audio format. Many people need mp3 files from a video as one of the media in content or maybe for other purposes.

YouTube provides a wide variety of videos, you can also find videos with the concept of 'official audio' or similar. These videos are available for those who just want to listen to the audio version regardless of what is shown in the video.

To be more practical, you can try converting the video into mp3 format or other audio formats. With the mp3 version, you can more freely set your favorite song or music at any time. This Y2Mate downloader can support various audio formats if you need it.

However, the most common audio format that many users use is MP3. You can immediately download the mp3 version of your favorite video from this online video grabber. Since you're downloading the audio version, you won't have to wait long. Your download will also not take up much memory.

- Audio quality

Just like when downloading videos, you can find various audio quality options as well to meet the needs of each user. We know that the high quality of media will make the storage use more. But for this time, audio files, might not be a problem.

Audio tends to be small in size, unlike video, which can be a pain to manage on your hard drive. Take a look at the following table for examples of audio qualities you can consider when using this downloader:




320 kbps


9.16 MB

256 kbps


7.32 MB

192 kbps


5.49 MB

128 kbps


3.66 MB

64 kbps


1.83 MB

Select your download option and you can click the download icon on the right side of the size. Regardless of the audio/video quality you choose, this YouTube to Mp4 Converter will provide a fast download process. If you are looking for a media file downloader for both video and audio media, Y2Mate can be the right choice for you.

If you want to download audio, don't forget to choose the highest quality. The size difference between 320 kbps and 128 kbps doesn't affect your storage. If you want to use it for professional purposes, then it is recommended to choose the highest quality.

Benefits of Using Y2mate YouTube Downloader

So why you must use this online video download manager? Let's talk about what this powerful tool is capable of providing. You can easily save a variety of popular content or your favorite content on YouTube be it music videos, tutorial videos, educational videos, and so on with Y2Mate downloader.

You may be able to download videos directly from the YouTube app, but it has a time limit and is not free to access videos because you have to use the YouTube platform itself. The concept is different with a downloader that can help you save any video from the YouTube platform to your gadget's storage.

So what are the benefits of using this downloader? Take a look at some of the following pros that Y2Mate can provide:

Download Videos With A Wide Variety Of Quality Options

One of the main features of this downloader is that it provides many video-quality formats. Once you have pasted the video URL from YouTube into the download box on this website, you can see the next page displaying various media quality options. Good news for those who want to keep their device storage free.

Choose a standard quality for the video you want to download to keep your gadget's storage spacious. But if you want to enjoy the super quality of the video content you are watching, you can try choosing a high video quality, maybe 1080p, or even try a super breakthrough with 2160p.

User-Friendly Interface

If you're used to using YouTube video savers, you can probably use this downloader without any issues. But what about the first time using it? If you are using this downloader for the first time, you don't need to worry, you can use this tool easily.

You can expect a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. The website has an intuitive layout for each of its menus that allows any user to easily use it. This online video grabber provides an organized and clean interface, so you can easily understand what's on this platform.

Provides Simple Steps To Download Videos

Who doesn't like a simple process including when you want to download videos? That's why Y2Mate provides a simple process for anyone who wants to download or convert media. All you need to do is copy the URL, paste it into the box, and select the download details.

Even if it's your first time encountering a downloader like this, it won't take long for you to successfully download videos. You don't need to create an account or register first, which is very inconvenient. You can immediately use every service this website provides with just a few clicks.

Get An Audio Version Of Your Video Too

Not only as a video download application, this tool also provides a video-to-audio conversion feature. Any video you find from YouTube, you can convert it into audio formats such as MP3 files.

If you want to listen to your favorite song, just search for the video from YouTube, and then do an easy conversion with this website.

Get Download Results Fast

As long as your internet access is smooth and fast, you can get your downloads without having to wait long. Y2Mate can complete your request quickly with its powerful technology. However, check the video quality or media size as it may affect the download speed.

Within a few seconds, you can enjoy the video you want but if the video size is large, for example with 1440p format, then you need to wait long enough. If your target video has a long duration, then you have to wait patiently until the process is successful.

The download process will also depend on the internet status you are using. If you have internet access problems, it will affect the download request on this downloader. So, make sure you are using a stable internet first.

No Need To Sign Up To Use The Download Service

You may find websites that have login or sign-up requirements, but you don't find anything like that with Y2Mate downloader. You can use every service without signing up. You don't need to input or share your data on this platform.

Whether it's for download or conversion, you can use the services without registering first.

Compatibility For Any Gadget

This downloader system has been designed to support optimal compatibility. No matter what device you use, you can seamlessly use every service available. You can access this tool using a smartphone device, or a PC. With optimal compatibility, everyone can use this service without being limited to the type of gadget they use.

Unlimited Downloads As You Wish

For intensive use, you can rely on this downloader. On some platforms, you may encounter download limits or need to register to use the service again. What's worse is that you need to pay for a subscription in advance when you reach the limit.

But if you use Y2Mate, you can use the service indefinitely. Download your favorite videos from YouTube as much as you want but make sure your gadget still has enough storage.

No Need To Wait For Loading

Some websites may display a countdown until you can click the download button. Not with this downloader that will immediately process your download request without you having to wait much time. If you don't want to waste a lot of time, choose the ideal usage system as provided by this video file extractor.

Once you have selected the video quality or format, simply click the download button provided by the website.

Supports Downloading For Long Videos

You won't find any video duration limit on this downloader. As you know, YouTube provides videos with a wide variety of durations. You can find videos of short duration or "Shorts", and you can find videos with a very long duration even up to hours.

Maybe the videos you need are video compilations, long music playlists, short movies, and so on. If you want to save such videos, you can rely on this downloader. The video conversion process will be done with high performance including for long durations.

No Need To Watch Ads To Open Access

While other platforms will make you watch ads, you don't have to with Y2Mate. To use the service, you don't have to be bothered with ads that just pop up on your screen.

Switch From Mp4 To Mp3 Easily

With just one paste of the URL, you can download both video and audio at once. After you paste the URL, you will be redirected to a page with mp4 and mp3 buttons. Select one of them and you can choose the video/audio quality you need. So, you don't have to go back to the main page if you want to switch from video to audio download at the same target URL.

Provide Security For Each User

Security is one of the important points in using a website or application. Fortunately, the security of your data can be maintained properly when accessing Y2Mate website. With a system that prioritizes user security and privacy, not only personal information but also your downloaded media are never used or shared by other parties.

We can ensure a secure and safe downloading experience every time.

No Need To Install Any Apps

To use the services of this tool, you don't need to install any application. Everything is available on the web page, visit https://y2mate.band and you can use its features, be it downloading or converting. Because you don't have to install the application, the storage on your gadget will remain extensive.

How to Use Y2Mate?

You will find the process easy with this downloader, even if you are a new user. The simple interface and simple method make many people like this YouTube Converter. So how to use it? Please refer to the following points so that you can successfully use the service.

Isn't it easy to download videos with Y2Mate website? If you don't want to encounter errors, read each point above carefully. Choose the media quality according to your gadget, if you don't want your storage to be full, try to consider low quality. Don't forget to select the MP3 button if you only want to save the audio version.

Common Problems That May Occur When Using Y2Mate And How to Solve It?

Y2Mate is a website that is very easy for every user to use. But sometimes users may encounter some problems in the process. Every problem has a cause and a solution. Find out more through the points below:

Slow Download

All users want to get their downloads immediately. You may experience slow-speed downloads. If this problem occurs, first, check your internet connection again. Can websites or other applications open perfectly?

One of the reasons for the slow download speed is that the internet connection is experiencing interference or is unstable. So, make sure the internet you access is not experiencing problems before using this website. Another cause is other heavy internet activities that are running either uploading or downloading.

So that you can get the download results quickly, postpone other heavy internet activities first.

The Video Does Not Play

There are two cases for unplayable videos, either the system is incompatible or the download is not perfect. Make sure the download process is running 100% so that you don't get corrupt files. Corrupted files cannot be played well even if you switch applications.

Another reason could be that the player app you're using is incompatible or even that your device doesn't support the video format. Try checking the video format again, or check the video quality. If the video quality is too high, the app may not be able to play it properly.

Error Due To URL

You must use the URL correctly, instead of typing the URL, you can copy the URL from the address bar to ensure correct URL usage. If the URL is detected as invalid, then it might be written incorrectly.

No Next Step To Select Download Details

If you encounter this problem, you may have taken the URL from a website other than YouTube. Not all video platforms are supported by Y2Mate downloader. Check if you're taking the URL from YouTube or another platform. If the video you need is on YouTube, then just use YouTube as your video source.

That way, you can avoid any possible failures while downloading or converting.

Poor Video Quality

There are at least two reasons why the videos you download have bad quality. One reason is that the videos you get from YouTube are of poor quality. The second reason is that you've chosen the wrong video quality option.

This YouTube Video Downloader can support your download request with many video quality options. If you copy the URL of a high-quality video on YouTube, then you can get good results when using the downloader.

Pros and Cons

We can guarantee that Y2Mate is the right solution for you to download videos from YouTube or convert them to MP3. But, like any other platform or tool, this website also has its drawbacks. To summarize the pros-cons, you can check the table below.



High-quality results

Some ads may appear on the website

User-friendly interface

Must use internet connection

Fast download

Cannot support batch downloads

Supports multiple video/audio formats

In small cases, may not process certain YouTube videos

No registration / Free

This website provides free service to any video download request, including converting service from video content to mp3 format. However, some content that you find on YouTube, especially personal content, cannot be supported by this website. This website also sometimes displays pop-ups or advertisements, but it will not interfere with your activities intensely.

Not only does Y2Mate provide fast access to download/convert, but it can also provide high-quality results. You can choose from a variety of outputs, be it for audio mp3 or video mp4.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Y2Mate free?

As a free platform, this website allows you to download be it video or audio from YouTube without any fee. You don't need to sign up for a subscription or pay any hidden charges.

Can I download long-duration videos?

Absolutely! When you use this website, you can download entire videos that you find on YouTube like song playlists. With just a few clicks, you can enjoy long-duration videos.

How fast is it?

If we talked about how fast is Y2Mate to process download and converting requests, it depends on your internet speed. But, this tool is known by many users for its fast speed be it for conversion or download. With advanced technology and optimized algorithms, our website can ensure you can always download YouTube videos efficiently, quickly, and safely.

Is it safe?

Maybe you are hesitant to use this website because you can find many similar websites on Google. But, don't be hesitant because our website prioritizes security and privacy for all users. It can ensure that all of your download requests are safe. You will not find any viruses or malware.

This website always provides each user with a safe and secure environment to download and convert YouTube content.

Do I have to install additional apps to download videos?

No, you can convert and download videos through this website without any application. Make good use of every service provided on this website, and select the download details according to your needs.

Does it support high-quality video?

Yes, if you want to download videos in 720p or higher, Y2Mate can ensure your needs. Based on the quality of the video source, you can download videos with various quality options. If the video you find on YouTube has a high resolution or a wide variety of quality, then you will get it on this YouTube Music Downloader.

How to download videos with Y2Mate?

It is very easy for you to download videos using our website. Just search for the video you want to download on the YouTube app or website. Make sure you copy the URL of the video then go to https://y2mate.band. Paste your copied URL in the text area available on the website page.

Click Submit then select which download option you need and click the Download icon. The video file will be downloaded to your storage.

Can I convert video to mp3 on this website?

Our website also provides video-to-audio (mp3) conversion services. After you paste the URL in the text box, the website will display two buttons, mp3 and mp4. If you want to download the audio, you need to click the mp3 button.

After you click the button, Y2Mate will show you several audio quality options. 320 kbps, 256 kbps, 192 kbps, 128 kbps, and 64 kbps. The higher the kbps, the better the audio quality you get.

Is there a download limit?

Y2Mate does not limit the download access for the users. You can freely download as many videos as you want from YouTube with this website. You don't need to pay any subscription if you have downloaded videos many times.

Do I have to create an account?

Our website does not implement an account system, you do not need to sign up or log in to use our services. Just use as you want be it to download video or audio from YouTube content. Your data will not be shared with any parties.

Where is the download saved?

It's different from YouTube itself which stores the download results still on the app even though you can watch it offline. With YouTube Downloader, you get your download results on your phone or PC.

Downloaded files will be saved in the system default folder automatically, and you can easily find the folder using File Explorer. You can also change the destination folder if you need to.

In order not to have to repeatedly change the download location, you can set the default download location. You can adjust the settings on the browser you are using.

Is there any reduction in audio quality when YouTube videos are converted to MP3?

Technically, there is no significant reduction in audio quality after the video is converted. If anything, it's not enough to affect the overall quality, most of the conversion requests that our website processes will be done optimally.

If there's any loss, you can't tell the difference. One of our focuses is to ensure the quality of downloads and conversions is of the highest quality as the source.

Is my conversion and download history recorded by the website system?

No, our website does not record anything that users have done. There is no history of conversions or downloads that have been done by users. Although we provide free services, we do not collect personal data. So you don't need to worry about downloading any video from YouTube through our website.

To further ensure secure access, you also don't need to provide any data or register.

Why is my download request not working?

There are quite a few things that can make your download activity fail. Before downloading or converting videos, you need to check your internet conditions first. The download process can be unsuccessful due to a bad internet connection. Try to access other websites or online applications, if there is no problem, then it is not the internet connection that is the problem.

Another factor is that the server of our website is undergoing maintenance, but the possibility of this happening is very small. Another factor is insufficient storage, try checking the storage capacity of your device. If the storage capacity is insufficient, then the download process will not run.

Can I access it with my phone?

Yes, you can use your phone to use Y2Mate services. Our website supports any device, be it a PC, laptop, tablet, or phone. No matter what operating system you use, you can access this website properly, be it iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac.

Will I find a lot of ads on this website?

No, your activity will not be interrupted by ads. We limit access to ads on our website, if any, our pop-up ads will not be too annoying for users. You can still comfortably and quickly download YouTube videos with our website.

Is it legal?

Before you use a video conversion/download tool like Y2Mate, it is important to understand its legal aspects. YouTube has its copyright policy and restricts the downloading of video content without the permission of the copyright owner.

So, downloading videos from YouTube or converting them into MP3 files may violate copyright without permission. However, you don't have to worry because there are some exceptions to the use of downloaded content if you are using it for personal use. For example, you download a video tutorial from YouTube or convert a song album video to MP3 to watch or listen to yourself.

Be sure to use this service for personal matters, and do not distribute the content to other parties as this may be an unauthorized use. Every country has copyright laws, and they can vary from country to country. You need to make sure to understand each copyright law before using this website.


So why you can rely on Y2Mate as the best YouTube converter and downloader? This website can offer you a modern and comprehensive solution for converting or downloading YouTube videos. Besides being able to enjoy mp4 videos, you can convert your favorite videos to MP3 format.

You can easily use this tool because this website provides a user-friendly interface. You will find a simple look, without many website ornaments. Another benefit of this website is fast download, you don't have to wait long until you get the download results.

By downloading videos, you can watch videos offline without data access. We can consider this access legal as long as you download videos for personal needs. Don't use our service for bad uses or anything that could harm other parties.

You can download high-quality videos too by selecting certain options, there is a wide range of quality options for audio and video. No matter what video you want, this website will provide the best experience in providing the best download and conversion results. If you want to download videos for professional use, you can choose the high-quality output option.

But if you want it for media needs, such as to watch or listen to by yourself, you can try to consider media output as well. Your access also will not be limited, no matter how many videos you want to download, Y2Mate will be able to handle it. This is a sophisticated technological breakthrough that can make you easily and comfortably download or convert any content from YouTube.

Y2Mate's User Testimonials, Reviews, Experience, and Feedback

Y2Mate users have given overwhelmingly positive feedback. Below are some reviews and testimonials highlighting their experiences with Y2Mate:

  1. John from the United States says: "I have been using Y2Mate since a few weeks now and it has transformed the way that I consume online content. The download speed is incredible and the quality of the content is unmatched. "Highly recommended!"

  2. Sarah, from the United Kingdom "Y2Mate has changed my life!" Now I can create playlists with my favorite songs, and listen to them whenever I like. It is so easy and convenient to use. "Thank you, Y2Mate!"

  3. David from Australia "I was skeptical initially, but Y2Mate blew me away. I can download and watch my favorite YouTube videos offline on my daily commute. The interface is simple and easy to use. Great job, Y2Mate!"

These are only a few of the many positive testimonials Y2Mate received from its users. Platform continues to improve and evolve based on feedback and suggestions from users, ensuring that the best possible download experience is achieved.